Waitrose Worst For Excessive Food Packaging

Waitrose has been named as the worst offender for unnecessary packaging in a new report by the Local Government Association (LGA).
The LGA survey, which examined the weight of food packaging used in a typical shopping basket at eight supermarket chains, found that excessive and unnecessary packaging is contributing to the estimated £1.8bn councils will spend on landfill tax between 2008 and 2011.
It also revealed that an average of 40 per cent of supermarket packaging could not be recycled.
Waitrose was found to have the heaviest packaging at 802.5 grams per basket, while Tesco emerged as the lightest with a weight of 645.5 grams.
Lidl had the lowest level of packaging that could be easily recycled at 58 per cent while Sainsburys came out on top with the highest level at 67 per cent.
LGA chairman Margaret Eaton said: “Britain is the dustbin of Europe, with more rubbish being thrown into landfill than almost any other country in Europe. If we had less unnecessary packaging it would cut costs and lead to lower prices at the tills.”
He added: “When packaging is sent to landfill, it’s expensive for taxpayers and damaging for the environment.”
” Supermarkets need to up their game so it’s easier for people to do their bit to help the environment.”
Waitrose hit back at the report by saying it had failed to make accurate comparisons between differing products.

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