Waitrose Reports Surge In Sales Of British Pork

Cheap roasting pork joints have surged in popularity at Waitrose following a recent appearance on Jamie Oliver’s programme on the British pig industry.
Waitrose said sales of pork shoulder joints are up by 270 per cent and pork belly joints by 66 per cent since last Thursday, when they were promoted on the celebrity chef’s latest TV show, titled ‘Jamie Saves Our Bacon’.
The upmarket grocer added that overall sales of pork were up 20 per cent since Oliver’s plea for the public to buy British.
Pork Buyer Anna Lloyd said: “These sales show that when made aware of the reasons to buy high welfare British pork, shoppers are more than happy to respond.”
“Waitrose is known for our high farming and welfare standards and we will only buy British pork. It’s great that chefs such as Jamie Oliver are championing these cheaper cuts – and proving that higher welfare doesn’t have to mean higher cost.”
All sausages, bacon and fresh pork sold at Waitrose is now of British origin, with the only exception being continental meats such as salami .

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