Asda Complains Over Biased Tesco Advertising

Supermarket giants Asda and Tesco are being investigated following heated exchanges over low-price claims.
A complaint by Asda over recent Tesco advert has prompted an in-depth investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Clearcast – the body that judges the fairness and accuracy of television advertising .
The Tesco advert claimed that twice as many baskets of groceries would be more expensive at Asda, based on the 30 million food shopping trips made each week in Britain.
Asda responded by complaining that the research carried out by its major rival was biased in favour of Tesco Clubcard users.
“This is an increasingly heated issue and it seems that neither Asda nor Tesco is willing to back down… it has stopped short of a legal challenge at the moment, but overtures have been made,” reported the Daily Mail.
The Tesco campaign was broadened last week to include price claims about Morrisons, and Sainsburys was targeted by the UK’s largest retailer over the weekend.
Asda was censured by the ASA last autumn for “unsubstantiated” claims that more products were cheaper in its stores than at Tesco .

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