Tesco Brings An End To Soggy Sarnies

Supermarket giant Tesco has launched what is believes is the answer to soggy sandwiches with the world’s first the world’s first non-leaking tomatoes .
The new variety of tomatoes called “Intense” have been developed in Holland and are the result of 23-year tomato seed-breeding programme that began in 1986.
After carrying out trials on more than 100 varieties, experts finally came up with the winning formula to produce a tomato that holds its shape when sliced, diced or baked.
According to the Dutch growers, tests showed that less than one per cent of moisture is lost when the non-leaking tomato is sliced and only 3 per cent of the juice soaks the bread 12 hours after the sandwich is made.
This compares to a standard tomato where 8 per cent of its weight is lost after slicing and a further 12 per cent of the moisture seeps into the bread only an hour later.
Emma Pettitt, tomato buyer for Tesco, said the leak-proof tomatoes may well be heralded by sandwich fans as the best thing since sliced bread .
“Tomatoes are one of Britain’s most-loved vegetables,” she said. “But unfortunately their juiciness sometimes means that by lunchtime our lovely salad sarnie resembles a piece of wet cardboard. From now on that will be a thing of the past.”
The new variety of non-leaking tomatoes are on sale at Tesco at 99p for a punnet of four.

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