British Pork Backed By Half Of UK Supermarkets

Half of Britain’s supermarkets fully support 100 per cent British pork, according to new research.
A study carried out by BPEX found that six out of 12 retailers stocked 100 per cent British pork, and six of the 10 who featured Quality Standard Marks had over two-thirds of all products featuring the QSM label.
Three supermarkets – The Co-op, Budgens and Waitrose – had more than 80 per cent of their bacon products marked as British. Only Budgens and Co-op had over two-thirds of products carrying the QSM.
Sainsburys, Waitrose and Budgens had over two-thirds of British ham products, and Morrisons was the only supermarket which sold over 25 per cent of products featuring the Mark.
Discounters Netto and Aldi were found to have no British ham products at all, but the latter led the market for 100 per cent British pork sausages .
Sausage products at Marks and Spencer, Budgens and Waitrose were all over 90 per cent pork meat and only Morrisons, Netto and Lidl had less than half their facings marked as British. Aldi and Sainsbury’s had over 50 per cent of sausage products sealed with the QSM.
BPEX Ltd is a subsidiary of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board that represents pig levy payers in England. The body is focused on demand for English pork and pig meat products in Britain and across the globe.

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