Asda Moves Embarrassing Soup Top Shelf

Asda has been forced to move one of its products to the top shelf because of constant sniggering over its name.
The supermarket giant has moved its spicy Jamaican delicacy ‘Cock Soup ’ away from kids’ eyelevel after receiving hundreds of complaints from red-faced mothers whose children found the packets of chicken-flavoured soup hilarious.
Staff were ordered to top-shelve the 35p packet soup, which is a favourite with Caribbean customers, at 100 Asda stores across the country.
Asda spokeswoman Cathryn Ramsden said employees at the retailer noticed how children were stopping and laughing at the name, with some even rolling around in the aisles.
“We know that many shoppers love this tasty Jamaican classic,” she commented. “But to help out a few of the embarrassed mums we’ve moved it up to the top shelf,” Ramsden added.
“Some unfamiliar products can raise more than a smile.”

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