Morrisons Urged To Stop Sales of Dutch Eggs

Morrisons has come under fire from British free range egg farmers for continuing to sell Dutch free range eggs, despite there being abundant supplies of British ones.
The British Free Range Egg Producers (BFREPA) has urged the supermarket chain to mirror the British only policy it uses for supplies of its beef, pork and lamb .
BFREPA chairman Tom Vesey said the retailer’s actions made it the “only major retailer failing to show 100 per cent support for the British egg producers and the Lion scheme”.
“While it is possible that Morrisons had little choice but to import supplies during the difficult trading conditions that existed around Christmas 2006, that situation no longer exists,” said Vesey.
“Our members, along with the packers, have worked very hard over the last 18 months to ensure that retailers in the UK can be supplied with British eggs all year round.”

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