Asda To Monitor Consumer Confidence

Asda has launched a consumer survey aimed at monitoring the public’s confidence levels in relation to a range of issues impacting their personal lives.
The supermarket’s Pulse of the Nation Index, produced by TNS, will poll 10,000 panel members each quarter on ten main issues, including personal finance, relationships, job security, education, the environment, safety from crime and the economy .
Findings from the first quarterly index highlighted how confidence in the UK economy has declined since last year as a result of the credit crunch. The economy received an average score of 28 out of 100 from the 2974 panellists who responded.
However, the survey revealed that despite a slump in the economy confidence in job security is quite high, receiving a score of 65 out of 100. High scores were also received for the general state of people’s lives and for the quality of education children are receiving.
The Asda confidence survey will begin to chart the fluctuations in all the confidence measures over the quarter as the economic conditions continue to change.
Rebecca Bektas, head of customer insight at Asda, explained: “With over 16m customers a week, we have commissioned this research to gain a greater understanding and insight into consumer attitudes.”
“Given that the demographic of Asda shoppers mirrors the national population most closely of all the major supermarkets, we feel in a unique position to chart consumer confidence levels in the UK .”

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