Sainsburys Slashes Prices Of Xbox 360 And Wii Consoles

Sainsbury’s has launched a new retail price war after slashing the prices of two of the most popular gaming consoles, the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii .
From today, shoppers at Sainsbury stores across the country can now pick up the Xbox 360 Arcade version for £99.97, reduced from £129.97, and the 60GB model for £139.97 from its previous price tag of £169.97.
The price of the family-orientated Wii console has also been cut from £179.97 to £149.97.
However, the retailer confirmed that the price cuts are only temporary, running from today (October 3) to October 12.
Sainsbury’s substantial price reductions on its gaming hardware follows last month’s launch of a half-price chart game offer by rival grocer Morrisons, and coincides with the release of FIFA ’09, which has been cut in price at both Tesco and Asda .

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