Sainsburys To Offer Staff GCSE Level Qualifications

Sainsbury’s is set to become the first UK retailer to offer its entire workforce the chance to gain qualifications equivalent to GCSEs .
The supermarket chain has teamed up with awarding body EDI to offer qualifications in numeracy and literacy as well as training in stock control, visual merchandising, health and safety and administration to its entire 150,000-strong workforce.
Sainsburys said it has set a target for 25 per cent of its staff to have a nationally recognised qualification within the next five years.
The Level 1 numeracy and literacy qualification is a web-based maths and English learning programme, equivalent to one GCSE .
Through training in the work place, Sainsbury’s will also offer staff the opportunity to gain an NVQ Level 2 qualification – equivalent to five GCSEs grade A to C – through training in the work place or “on-the-job training”.
Sainsbury’s chief executive Justin King commented: “This launch demonstrates that learning never stops at Sainsbury’s and every one of our colleagues can improve their skills, which not only benefits our customers but also supports our colleagues to achieve their full potential.”
The basic skills courses are designed to let staff progress at their own pace and will use questions set in a retail context such as pricing and weights for maths and questions about ingredients and recipes for the English qualification .
Sainsbury’s said the qualifications have been brought in to support the Government’s plans to boost skills among the UK’s workforce.
Government statistics suggest some 5.2 million adults have English language skills below the level of a 14-year-old, with many struggling with everyday tasks such as managing household budgets.

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