Sainsburys Criticised For Sex Tips Handout Blunder

Sainsbury’s have been criticised by angry parents for accidentally handing out a book containing sexual drawings to children on a school trip in Suffolk.
The book, called ‘How to Change the World for £5’, contained explicit illustrations of a couple trying out 12 different sexual positions in the bath in a section about saving water .
Advice underneath read: ” Save water . Have fun. Just get out before everything becomes wrinkled.”
The books were given out to 42 Year 4 children, aged between eight and nine, during a school visit to the supermarket’s Haverhill store in Suffolk.
Readers were also encouraged to shave in intimate places, take to streaking, talk to strangers and hand out their phone number to five people on the street.
However the Sainsburys staff who handed out the books did not realise they were aimed at adults and contained sexual drawings.
Angry father Andrew Dodd was the first to complain about the book after hearing his 8-year old daughter Laura giggling with friends as they flicked through the pages.
Speaking to the Daily Mail he said: “I thought it was extremely inappropriate and irresponsible to give it to children. On the ‘having fun in the bath’ pages there were drawings of about 12 sexual positions. The teachers were as horrified as we were when they saw it.”
“But the worst bit was where it encouraged you to go and talk to strangers. It’s the opposite message to what you should be giving to kids.”
Sainsbury’s has apologised to angry parents for the x-rated mishap stating that the book had an environmental theme but was intended for an adult market.

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