Budget Mince Pies Some Of The Tastiest On The Market

Christmas mince pies from discount supermarkets are tastier than those from luxury department store Harrods, according to a new study.
Ten brands of luxury mince pies were ranked on their appearance, aroma, taste and price in a blind taste test carried out by consumer watchdog Which?
Pies from Netto – the cheapest of those tested at £1.19 – were rated more highly than Harrods’ luxury brand pies which cost five times more at £5.95.
Marks and Spencer pies at £2.29 performed best on the magazine’s quality barometer with an overall test score of 80 per cent.
The retailer gained full marks for appearance and four out of five stars for taste and aroma thanks to its ‘buttery taste’.
Pies from Netto and Aldi received four stars for taste and at under £1.50 were crowned Best Buys. The budget retailers took fourth and fifth place overall with scores of 73 per cent and 72 per cent respectively – topping both Harrods and Waitrose .
Waitrose All Butter Mince Pies, Harrods Luxury Mince Pies and Asda Extra Special Rich Fruit Brandy Mince Pies all received a fairly ordinary three stars for taste, while Sainsburys Taste The Difference performed the worst, receiving only two stars for appearance and price.
Jess Ross, editor of which.co.uk commented: “Nothing epitomises Christmas more than that first bite into a mince pie .”
“And there’s no need to worry about being Scrooge if you opt for a cheaper pack – the budget stores like Netto and Aldi are giving expensive brands a run for their money.”

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