Asda Staff To Share GBP16m Worth Of Xmas Goodies

Supermarket giant Asda is to reward its entire UK workforce for all their efforts this year with a range of Christmas goodies.
A whopping £16m worth of presents will be shared amongst the 165,000 staff who work in Asda’s stores and distribution centres across Britain, with each worker receiving a £20 Christmas store gift card, £5 towards a Christmas party and a free festive meal.
The retailer’s Seasonal Squad workers – made up of 11,000 permanent temps who work at Asda for 10 weeks each year during the holiday seasons – are also included in the Xmas hand-out.
Asda staff will also get a 20 per cent discount – double their normal saving – off a range of products on a special “double discount” day which will include alcohol, gifts, toys, jewellery, fragrances and George clothing .
The Wal-Mart owned grocer also confirmed that permanent staff members will be given an extra day’s paid holiday to take off during the festive period.
Asda’s people director David Smith said: “Nobody does more to reward the hard work of its colleagues than Asda . It’s part of what makes us special all year round, not only at Christmas .”
“At a time when many of our colleagues are having to tighten their belts top cope with the rising cost of living, we’re doing our bit by lowering the cost of their Christmas shopping, and giving them an extra day’s paid holiday to spend with their families and friends.”

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