Asda Brings Down Price Of Petrol To 92.9p

Asda has made the latest move in the supermarket fuel price war, reducing the cost of unleaded petrol by a further 2 pence a litre.
The price cut, which came into effect this morning, brings the price of petrol at all of Asda’s 172 UK forecourts down to 92.9p a litre, the lowest in Britain, although the cost of diesel remains unchanged at 106.9p.
The supermarket chain said falling demand in the US has helped push down the price of petrol, whereas diesel costs are holding steady.
Darren Blackhurst, Asda’s trading director, said: “We are seeing further reductions in our cost price which we’re immediately passing on to all our customers as we continue to lead down the price of petrol .
“Diesel costs remain high and leave no room for further cuts at this stage.”
The latest drop is the ninth time the Wal Mart-owned retailer has slashed the price of petrol since July.
Britain’s leading supermarket groups have been slashing their prices aggressively in recent weeks to reflect the steep drop in global crude oil prices and are expected to continue their fuel price war in the coming weeks.
Analysts claim motorists could now play the “futures market” by delaying refilling their cars until prices drop further.

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