Sainsburys To Launch Recyclable Milk Bags

Sainsbury’s is to start selling milk in plastic bags in a bid to reduce its packaging waste by up to 75 per cent.
The recyclable containers will be available to shoppers at 35 Sainsburys stores across London and the South East from tomorrow and a further 500 stores within the next twelve months, depending on the shoppers’ reaction to the packaging.
The supermarket chain claims the milk pouches, produced in partnership with Dairy Crest, will reduce milk packing waste by 75 per cent.
With Brits consuming around 180 million pints of milk each week, campaigners also claim that 100,000 tons of plastic waste would be saved from landfill sites.
Customers will have to pay 80p for a two-pint bag which is then placed inside a special reusable plastic jug – also purchased from the retailer for £2.49.
Consumers are even guaranteed less mess, since the bags are opened with a spike that pierces the bag and forms no-leak seal.
A spokesperson for Sainsburys commented: “Milk is the biggest selling product by unit in Sainsbury’s stores, with over 8 million litres sold every week. This is a revolution in milk packaging which potentially cuts waste by a massive 75 per cent.”
“Milk in a bag is an incredibly simple way for families to reduce their environmental impact.”
Waitrose have been operating a similar scheme across 17 stores since February.

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