Sainsburys Suspends Online Shopping Service

Thousands of families across the UK have failed to receive their weekly shopping orders from Sainsburys after the retailer was forced to suspend its online grocery service .
The supermarket chain froze the website on Tuesday afternoon due to what it described as “technical problems” with processing orders .
Around 10,000 orders due to be delivered to customers on Wednesday were thought to be affected, and Sainsbury’s said it was trying to contact a further 10,000 customers expecting a delivery today.
All customers affected by the website failure have been offered £10 in compensation to be used against future orders .
Sainsbury’s said it did not know when the service, which attracts 90,000 customers per week, would be back to normal and able to take customers orders .
A spokeswoman for the supermarket said: “We suspended our online home delivery website (on Tuesday) afternoon when we identified a technical issue and we are contacting customers whose deliveries have been impacted. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”
She added there was no suggestion that customers’ personal details were at risk.
Rival supermarkets immediately began to take advantage of the online hiccup, with Asda offering free delivery to Sainsbury’s shoppers – a potential saving of £5.
The Ocado website, which delivers Waitrose products, also announced plans to fill any orders from Sainsbury customers and offered substantial discounts .

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