Asda Unveil The 2p Sausage

Shoppers at Asda can now pick up sausages for just 2p, after the supermarket chain slashed the price of its budget range bangers.
The Wal-Mart owned retailer said the price cut was carried out to ease the pressure on cash-strapped families during the difficult economic climate.
The cheap sausages, part of the supermarket’s budget Smartprice range, have been reduced from 54p for a pack of eight to 16p, meaning each sausage costs only 2p.
A spokesperson for the supermarket claimed the price cut meant that a family of four could now be fed for less than £1.60 on a meal of bangers, mash and carrots – with the price for a 2.5 kilogram bag of Smartprice potatoes remaining at 73p, and a 1.5kg bag of carrots being reduced to 68p.
Jenny Liggat, the company’s sausage buyer, said: “Families are feeling the impact of the credit crunch in their pockets. Food prices have increased but Asda is committed to continually offering customers great value products at an everyday low price.”
In the past year, sales of Asda’s economy-brand sausages and bacon have risen by 48.2 per cent, with sales of smartprice gammon also increasing by 56 per cent.
The sausage price cut is part of wide range of price reductions by Asda, with the cost of 100 everyday items from tinned tuna and cereal to spaghetti and fruit being slashed by more than 50 per cent.

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