Waitrose Launch Eco Home-Delivery Service

Waitrose is set to become the first major UK retailer to use bicycles to deliver groceries to its online customers.
Employees from the grocer’s Cambridge store will start making the home deliveries using an eco-bicycle, which come with come with electronic pedal assistance, and trailer this week.
The specially designed trailer has the capacity to hold six trays full of groceries and will be able to keep products frozen and chilled for up to two hours.
Initially it will have a maximum distance charge of 30 miles meaning that 15 miles is the longest delivery it will be able to make.
The upmarket retailer said the move is designed to increase the number of delivery slots available for online customers without increasing the number of vans on the road.
Waitrose Retail Director, Tony Solomons, said the company would look to extend the eco-delivery service to more branches if the initial run proved successful.
“Waitrose is committed to saving energy and minimising its impact on the environment and we are always looking for new ways to achieve this,” he commented.
“This will truly be a bespoke service for Waitrose customers and, if successful, we will look at rolling it out to other branches.”

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