Tesco Fined For Price Display Offences

A Tesco store in Dublin has been prosecuted and fined after failing to comply with consumer legislation .
The retailer was one of seven businesses named and shamed by the National Consumer Agency (NCA) after being convicted under consumer protection laws for failing to display the price of products .
The NCA fined the Tesco outlet at Dundrum, south Dublin, 1,500 euros and ordered the store to pay costs of 2,000 euros.
NCA chief executive Ann Fitzgerald said the group were publicly revealing offenders as a warning to other businesses .
“Publishing details recorded in the Consumer Protection List will send a message to traders that if they fail to comply with consumer legislation, enforcement actions will be taken by the Agency,” she commented.
The NCA says it intends to publish a full list of companies who fail to comply with consumer legislation twice a year.

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