Tesco Latest Store to Ban Cheques

Supermarket giant Tesco has announced it will stop accepting personal cheques from customers at its till-points.
The retailer will introduce the ban throughout all of its 2,000 UK stores from February 25, with notices being displayed to warn customers of the forthcoming change.
Tesco said the phasing out of cheques would help customers benefit from improved security and quicker service .
The move follows similar announcements made by rival supermarket groups and other High Street retailers, including Asda, Sainsbury ’s, Argos, Boots and Marks and Spencer .
Tesco had previously banned cheques in a small number of its stores to test customer reaction to the move.
Marks and Spencer has also stated its customers will no longer be able to pay by cheque in any of its outlets from March 1.
The retailer said the decision to ban cheques was due to their year-on-year decline in use, with cheques currently accounting for less than 2 per cent of all transactions.

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