Tesco Gives Support For Limit On Cheap Alcohol Pricing

Tesco has called on the government to introduce new laws that would limit the sale of cheap alcohol .
The move by the supermarket giant comes as concerns about the effects of binge drinking and alcohol-related crime and disorder continue to escalate in the UK .
The UK’s largest supermarket chain said the government must deal with the issue because competition laws prevent supermarkets from taking action together to raise the prices of alcohol .
Tesco chief executive, Sir Terry Leahy, has told Prime Minister Gordon Brown that the supermarket is willing to work with others in the industry, as well as government experts and the police to tackle concern over lower-priced alcohol promotions.
Tesco director, Lucy Neville-Rolfe, commented: “We accept that we have a role to play in addressing the problem of anti-social drinking.”
“Competition law prevents businesses discussing anything to do with price with each other and imposes severe penalties for breaches.”
“The only safe solution is for the government to initiate and lead those discussions and to bring forward legislative proposals which Tesco and others in our industry can support .
Rolfe added that the rules would have to apply to all retailers as people would continue to seek out cheap alcohol deals at retailers not covered by legislation .
A report by consumer group Alcohol Concern, released last December, warned that cheap alcohol promotions in supermarkets enabled people to drink health-threatening amounts of alcohol .

The report claimed that some of the major supermarkets were making it possible for shoppers to purchase three times the recommended daily limit for adult men and more than four times the limit for adult women for as little as £7.29.

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