Jamie Oliver Set For Round Two In Row With Sainsburys

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is set to be involved in another row with supermarket giant Sainsbury ‘s because of his choice of food labelling .
The TV chef, who earns £1.2 million-a-year as the face of Sainsbury’s, plans to use rival supermarket giant Tesco’s nutrition labelling system for his new food range instead of the traffic lights system used by his sponsors on their products .
The fallout follows Oliver’s criticism of the supermarket group last month for their no-show in a TV debate on battery-farmed chickens . The chef was forced to apologise for his public outburst, which clearly put a strain on relations between the two.
Oliver believes GDA labelling on the front of packs is the best way to inform customers about the nutritional value of the food they are purchasing, while Sainsbury’s claim their system is the most informative.
Sainsbury’s said in a statement: “GDAs provide customers with useful information, which is why we have had them on the back of pack for years.”
“However, when it comes to front-of-pack labelling our view is that multi-traffic light systems have been frequently proven to be the best and most informative way for people to make at-a-glance decisions on the foodstuffs they buy.”
Oliver’s new range of sauces, oils and salads, will feature the single-colour labels favoured by Tesco, which show fat, salt and sugar as a percentage of the recommended guideline daily amount.
A Tesco spokesman said: “If this is true, then we are glad that somebody of Jamie’s experience and prestige has come round to our view.”

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