Fruit Products Show Little Sign Of Any Fruit

Consumers are being conned by many ‘fruit’ flavour products that barely contain any real fruit, a report by the Food Commission has revealed.
The independent watchdog claims that consumers may be unaware of what they are really eating as many of these products include little amounts of real fruit and get their taste from added flavourings.
The report analysed a variety of strawberry products and found that many contained no strawberries at all, with some using only small amounts of real fruit .
Nesquik strawberry milkshake mix was criticised by the group for being strawberry-free and made almost entirely of sugar, while Jordans Frusli All Fruit strawberry bars were found to be actually made from apples, containing only 0.5 per cent strawberry juice concentrate.
Asda’s Great Stuff strawberry milkshake was also found to contain small levels of strawberry juice concentrate (0.6 per cent), with flavourings providing the taste and the inclusion of beetroot forming the colour.
Ian Tokelove, spokesperson for the watchdog, said: “Flavourings allow companies to cut costs at the public’s expense.”
“With thousands of cheap flavourings to choose from, many food manufacturers can now flavour their products using these specialist additives instead of real ingredients .”
“Describing a product as strawberry flavour and plastering the packet with pictures of strawberries, when that product contains just a tiny percentage of strawberry or even no real fruit at all, is misleading and deceptive.”
“Unfortunately it is also legal and the practice is widespread.”
The Food Commission said new regulations for all flavourings to be individually identified on food labels must be introduced and advised shoppers to always check the small print on product labels .

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