Asda To Crackdown On Under-Age Drinkers

Supermarket giant Asda has unveiled new measures to help tackle the growing problem of under-age drinking and alcohol-related crime .
The grocer is looking to limit access to alcohol in its stores and make it more difficult for under-18s to break the law by extending its Challenge 25 proof of age scheme to a further 100 stores nationwide, following a successful pilot in Scotland .
From April 7, the Wal-Mart owned retailer will stop selling alcohol between midnight and 6am at around 100 stores where it is currently available and may also prosecute under-18s who try to buy alcohol in its stores as part of a “zero tolerance” approach to curbing youngsters’ access to drink .
Late-night sales of fruit-flavoured shooter drinks that contain high alcohol content will also be banned.
In conjunction with Business in the Community, Asda will also invest £1 million in targeted youth projects to tackle alcohol-related problems among children .
Asda chief executive Andy Bond said: “As a parent myself, I find it unacceptable that children in the UK are still able to purchase alcohol from retailers and pubs. So, from today, we are adopting a zero-tolerance approach.”
“Every single Asda store in the UK will be independently tested at least once a month, with the results published on our website .”
“We will also display signs within the store making it clear that we reserve the right to prosecute anyone under 18 who attempts to purchase alcohol or anyone that is doing so on a child’s behalf,” he added.
The initiative follows last week’s Government proposals to force supermarkets to make alcohol less accessible to under-age consumers .

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