Supermarket Giants To Open 200 Stores On Boxing Day

Britain’s three largest supermarket groups have announced plans to open 200 stores on Boxing Day, breaking with the Christmas tradition of giving staff members two days holiday .
The move by Tesco, Asda, and Sainsburys means that thousands of staff could find themselves stacking shelves and making deliveries on Christmas Day itself as the companies fight for business in the current economic climate.
Tesco said it would open all 179 of its large Extra supermarket stores – up from 50 last year – and ten Homeplus outlets on Boxing Day this year.
Asda, which did not open any of its stores on Boxing Day 2007, said it will open the doors of 46 supermarkets this year, along with 21 Living outlets.
Sainsbury’s will open 36 of its major supermarkets and 232 convenience stores across the UK. All of the retailer’s larger outlets remained closed over the busy festive season last year.
A Tesco spokesperson said: “We’re opening more of our biggest [Extra] stores this year and our Homeplus stores on Boxing Day as many customers tell us that they now see this day as a shopping day, with most other retailers opening their doors.”

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