Tesco Finest Emerges As Britains Top Grocery Brand

Tesco Finest has become the UK’s biggest grocery brand after posting sales of £1.2bn – an increase of 37 per cent on figures for April 2007.
The company’s preliminary results, published last week, revealed it has now overtaken Tesco’s Value and Healthy Living lines.
Since its launch in 1998, the supermarket’s premium own-brand range has gone from strength to strength, posting year-on-year growth.
In 2002, the supermarket extended the premium lines into the non-food sector, with products such as furniture, luggage and broadband now included in its range.
During 2006 the brand was revamped with the introduction of an overhauled line of ready meals, followed by the inclusion of a fragrance line in 2007 and the addition of British ales and ciders earlier this year.
Rival supermarket chains have also invested millions of pounds in premium own-labels, which account for 49 per cent of grocery sales, according to data from TNS World-panel.

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