Tesco Announce New Move To Extend Market Research On Shoppers

Tesco has unveiled plans to monitor and record the shopping habits of over 60 million customers across the globe.
The UK’s largest retailer has agreed a deal with market research specialist Dunnhumby to record the preferences of Tesco shoppers in nine different countries, including Thailand, South Korea and China .
Dunnhumby has worked with Tesco in the UK since the introduction of the retailer’s Clubcard loyalty card scheme in 1995.
The firm processes daily data from Tesco’s till-points to generate a rough idea of what its 13.5 million Clubcard holders are choosing to buy and why. The extensive research is then used to help Tesco target individuals for discount coupons and promotions .
Analysts claim that Tesco’s huge database of shopping preferences has been one of its main advantages over rival supermarkets during the past decade.
Phil Clarke, Tesco’s international director, said: “We’ve never had this level of insight capability before, and this will help us to improve our ranges, make better price investments and run sharper promotions . Dunnhumby will now be working with us almost everywhere we operate.”
Dunnhumby’s chief executive, Edwina Dunn added: “This is a huge step towards a single way of working across the Tesco business .”
“We will be able to gain a better insight into Tesco’s customers in these countries than it can. It’s a powerful way of working, as relevant to China and Korea as to the UK .”

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