Sainsburys Pledge To Slash Use Of Plastic Bags By Half

Supermarket chain Sainsburys has announced plans to halve the number of disposable plastic bags used by shoppers over the next year.
The move follows a recent Budget announcement by Chancellor Alistair Darling outlining plans to make retailers charge for bags, unless they are able to drastically cut down the amount being handed out.
Sainsbury’s is the latest high-profile retailer to limit the use of plastic bags . The company vowed that its disposable bags will be made of 50 per cent recycled content by June this year, up from the current 33 per cent and 10 per cent chalk.
In an attempt to reach this figure, the store will give Nectar reward points to shoppers who reuse carriers, and hand out free bags for life. It is also training staff to remind shoppers to switch to reusable bags .
The firm’s chief executive Justin King commented: “Sainsbury’s does not believe that charging for single-use bags is the only answer or that it is the most likely way to achieve lasting benefit for the environment .”
“Starting this weekend we will test a number of new initiatives to find out what engages and helps people to reduce the number of bags they use.”
He added: “Since last April we believe we’ve given away more free bags for life than any other retailer .”
“We now need to help customers remember to re-use them to really make a difference on this issue and achieve a 50 per cent reduction in disposable bag use.”

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