Tesco Set To Conquer Britain

Tesco may soon have a supermarket store placed in every UK postcode, with plans to open a store in the spa town of Harrogate in Yorkshire gathering pace.
According to research the area’s ‘HG’ postcode is the only one in mainland Britain not to have one of the retailer’s superstores.
However, Tesco is now planning a supermarket on a former gas works site on the northern edge of the town – a move which will further highlight the company’s dominance of the UK grocery market.
The supermarket giant’s unstoppable growth has left it in control of a third of the country’s grocery trade, with profits of £2.5 billion expected to be announced at the end of the year.
But local residents have angrily hit back at Tesco’s proposed plans and have a campaign up and running in an effort to thwart the retailer’s attempts at opening a new store .
They are backed by many independent shop owners who believe their style of retail, which helps give Harrogate its character, will be threatened.
Andrew Loftus, whose food store, Weeton’s, won the title of Britain’s Best Rural Retailer last year, said: “There is a feeling of uniqueness about Harrogate. We are the last mainland postcode to say ‘No’ and we want to keep it that way.”
Mr Loftus urged people to register objections on Harrogate borough council’s website before today’s deadline.
In response to the claims, a Tesco spokesman said: “Residents living in the north of Harrogate have been saying for years that they need a supermarket and are tired of having to travel across town to do their weekly shopping .”
“At our public exhibition in February, we received a positive response from local residents, with more than 70 per cent of all respondents in favour of the store .”

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