Teenager Signs Major Jam Deal With Tesco

A teenage entrepreneur has scooped a major supply contract to stock Tesco supermarkets with his home-made jam .
The deal with Britain’s leading supermarket group could see the soon-to-be millionaire selling more than 100 jars an hour.
Fraser Doherty’s sales of his home-made jam have already surprised many, which currently stand at 40,000 jars a month and he is now focusing on taking his jam-making business to the next level with the help of Tesco .
Doherty, currently looking for staff to recruit to his business, has also been chosen to represent the UK in the Global Students Entrepreneurs Awards in Chicago on November 2.
The 18-year-old first started making the jam – a family recipe used by his grandmother – in his parents’ kitchen in Edinburgh over four years ago.
Now the teenager is using his company, Doherty’s Preserves, to bring out a new range of flavours using so-called super-fruits, such as blueberries and cranberries. The Jams are also produced using only natural fruit juices to give them their sweetness, instead of adding large amounts of refined sugar.
Tesco jam and preserves buyer Danielle Peirce commented: “Fraser’s jams have injected new life into one of the world’s oldest foods, which have been around since at least Roman times.”
“Some younger people associate traditional jams and preserves with something they would find in their granny’s kitchen, but we think that by using so-called super fruits, Doherty has tapped into a potentially new audience.”
Doherty said: “It’s been a truly amazing year for me, and the speed of growth has totally taken me by surprise. The Tesco contract means more people than ever before will be able to try my jams, and will hopefully lead me to taking on staff for the first time.”
Doherty saw his Super Jams go on sale yesterday in 230 Tesco stores across the UK at a cost of £1.43 for a 212g jar.
The Jams are available in three flavours – blueberry and blackcurrant, cranberry and raspberry and rhubarb and ginger.

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