Sainsburys To Launch New Premium Range Sales Drive

Supermarket group Sainsbury’s is to introduce a new sales boost scheme for its Taste the Difference premium food range.
The sales drive will be aimed at around 200,000 loyal customers in a bid to connect them with the brand, especially those who also like receiving recipes and tips on food .
Loyal shoppers at Britain’s third largest supermarket will receive a mailpack that will enable them to record their family and friends’ favourite foods and flavours in the Taste the difference Tasting Notes booklet.
The mailpack uses the strapline, ‘Take your taste buds somewhere different’, while the outside reads “Open wide for your money-off coupons” (six money-off coupons are included in the pack) and also features images of the premium range.
The Taste the Difference Tasting Notes booklet, included inside the pack, contains tips on using the ingredients from the Taste the Difference range. Customers are also asked to give their opinion on several aspects of the recipes and give a mark out of ten for the ‘taste totaliser’.
Sainsbury’s relationship marketing manager Paul Tavener commented: “The concept is simple, visually appealing and will encourage customers to try something new and explore the Taste the Difference range.”

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