Asda Apologises Over Beer Pricing Error

Online shoppers thought they had made the most out of a ‘rare’ mistake by Asda over the price of Heineken beer, snapping up bottles for just 1p each.
But, the Wal-Mart owned supermarket chain has left around 2,000 Internet customers high and dry after it refused to honour the cheap booze deal .
The supermarket giant said the price ‘hiccup’ was down to human error and it was not obliged to deliver the goods at the discount price.
The website offer of ten bottles of Heineken for 10p rather than the normal price of £10, was only realised by the group’s bosses after thousands of customers had logged on to buy the discount beer .
An Asda spokeswoman commented: “It appears to be human error which has occurred despite our regular checks. The disclaimer online makes it very clear that pricing errors like this will not be honoured.”
“Anyone who has attempted to purchase this product at the incorrect price will not receive it.”
“We would like to apologise to all the eagle-eyed bargain hunters who spotted our mistake,” she added.

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