Waitrose Trials Rapeseed Oil On Lorries

Supermarket chain Waitrose, part of the John Lewis Partnership, has begun a ground-breaking trial that could lead to its entire fleet of lorries being modified to run on rapeseed oil .
The six-month trial by the up-market retailer is the latest in a series of green initiatives introduced by a range of British supermarkets in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions .
The new move consists of five trucks, that deliver food and drink to Waitrose supermarkets, being run on a hybrid version of the oil used in kitchens throughout Britain .
If the trials are successful the chain plans to roll out the technology across its entire fleet of 300 vehicles to cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint.
Waitrose is the first retailer to opt for rapeseed oil instead of crop-derived bio-diesel .
It claims that the process of cold-pressing rapeseed to produce the oil has a 20 per cent-lower carbon footprint than producing the same amount of bio-diesel (a fuel which is made through a chemcial process involving methanol).
A spokeswoman for Waitrose said: “Rapeseed oil deserves looking at more carefully. We know that during the creation of the oil there’s a relatively low carbon footprint compared to biofuels.”
“In preference to bio-diesel, there’s a cleaner production process there’s no chemical process to change its molecular structure,” she added.
Charlie Mayfield, head of John Lewis, commented: “We are always looking at ways of improving the efficiency of our fleet and this is a win for us.”
“We expect it to succeed and as and when it does we will roll it out.”

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