Tuna Products From Sainsburys Recalled Amid Health Scare

Sainsbury’s has recalled several of its tuna products over fears that the items could lead to a health scare, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).
The supermarket chain informed the FSA on Saturday that certain items may contain high levels of histamine which, if eaten, can cause itchiness, headaches, dizziness, vomiting and diarrhoea.
Customers are being asked to return the affected tuna products, which include Sainsbury’s and ‘Taste the Difference’ fresh tuna steaks, fresh diced tuna and fresh tuna from the fish counter, with use-by dates of 4 and 5 November.
Sainsbury’s has since apologised for the inconvenience and assured shoppers that no other products were affected. Any customers returning the products will receive a full refund.
A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said that “most customers would have eaten the fish by now, but there were concerns about the small number who might have frozen it”.
She added: “In terms of how it happened, that is something that we are investigating. Any tuna that is on sale now is perfectly ok.”
A statement by the FSA on its website read: “If people have any of the affected products at home and have frozen them, they are being asked to take them back to their nearest Sainsbury’s store for a full refund”.

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