Plans For New Sainsburys Store Rejected

Sainsbury’s have had plans for a new £30m supermarket store in Southampton rejected following a public inquiry into the retailer’s two sets of plans for a large supermarket and a large car parking area on the site of the First Bus depot.
The verdict given by the a planning inspector’s report was that the layout of proposed affordable housing and superstore car park made the development unacceptable was agreed with by the Secretary of State, Hazel Blears.
The minister judged originally decided that the “vitality and viability of the district centre would not suffer unacceptably under the proposals, and, in some respects, it might benefit” from having a new supermarket with a “complementary offer and different pricing structure to that of a nearby Waitrose .”
Some residents voiced their concerns that the superstore was too large, would harm the charm and character of Portswood High Street and bring an increase in traffic to the area.
Others welcomed the prospect, as the opening of a new store would have created up to 300 jobs and improved the amount of car parking in the area.
A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: “We are disappointed but at the same time it was very promising and positive that the main principle of the scheme: to have a supermarket there, was supported by the inspector.”
He added: “The reason it was rejected was down to the design elements. We will work with the council to come back with a new application.”

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