Morrisons Criticised For Low Price Spirits Promotion

Morrisons has come under fire for the sale of premium branded spirits at discounted prices.
Earlier this month, the supermarket chain recently led a cut-price promotion which saw leading brands such as Gordons Gin on offer for just £8 a bottle for a limited period.
Reports have suggested that the spirits offer continued throughout Morrisons’ stores despite brand owner Diageo protesting to the retailer about the price of the 70cl bottles.
“Diageo does not discount to the store so I do not understand how they can do it,” commented Chris Swift, of the Institute of Licensed Trade Strockbrokers.
“Diageo told Morrisons not to do this but it evidently fell on deaf ears,” he added.
Diageo refused to comment on the Morrisons issue but said it did not set or agree pricing for its brands .
A Morrisons spokesperson said: “This Christmas we are recommending a promotional strategy to our customers that we believe will drive sales while still preserving value. Excessive discounting does not deliver value and can erode brand quality.”
Meanwhile the UK’s major supermarket groups are increasing their Christmas discount offers on beer and lager, with leading brands being sold for the equivalent of just 41.8 pence per pint.
Shoppers at Asda supermarkets can pick up 20 cans of 440ml Peeterman Artois for just £11, while rival group Sainsbury’s is offering its customers three 18-can packs of 440ml Carlsberg for only £20.

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