Tesco Offers To Pay For Rogue Fuel Repairs

Tesco is apologising to its customers who bought contaminated petrol from its forecourts and is promising to pay for car repairs .
The UK’s leading supermarket chain has taken out full-page adverts in national newspapers announcing its fuel supplies are back to normal with stores stocking a ‘fresh, clean supply’ .
The advert carries the phone number 0800 028 6428 for customers to obtain further information and advice.
Last week thousands of complaints came flooding in by motorists across the country, who complained that their cars had either broken down or suffered engine problems after filling up their tanks, mainly from Tesco and Morrison supermarkets.
“We’d like to say how sorry we are. More to the point, we’d like to promise to pay for the repairs,” a spokesman for the company said.
The contaminated fuel was eventually traced back to four storage tanks at a Vopak storage facility in West Thurrock, Essex, which fuel supplier Harvest Energy said contained ‘unusually high levels of silicon’.
Silicon products are used as antifoaming agents in petrol, and can cause serious problems in petrol engines, particularly in cars with computerised fuel systems . It can build up as a deposit on sensors, causing them to seize up, or malfunction.
Drivers are expected to launch a mass claim against the two chief culprits, but it is still not clear how the compensation process would work, or how many Tesco customers would be eligible to make a claim .
Motorists have been told that typical repair bills will be around £200 or more, bringing the total bill for Tesco to several million pounds.

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