New British Made Clothing Range Unveiled By Asda

Asda, the UK’s second largest supermarket chain is launching a new brand of clothing that will be under its ‘George’ fashion range. The brand will be designed and produced in the UK to help support national trade .
Over one million garments will be tagged with a visible label of the Union Jack and suitably named “Made in the UK” over the next 12 months. A campaign will be launched inside the retailer’s stores in order to market the new brand.
Last year Asda was one of three clothing retailers heavily criticised over the treatment of clothing workers in Bangladesh .
Clothing manager for Asda, Angela Spindler, said the move would make it quicker for items to appear on the shop floor and also follows the increasing customer demand for locally produced foods .
“It obviously makes sense for us to use local manufacturers here in the UK whenever we can, rather than shipping in products from the other side of the world,” she added.
Asda is would also enable more UK clothing manufacturers to present their latest ideas and designs to a panel of Asda buyers.
Last week saw Asda launch its first range of children’s fashion-wear under the George Must Haves brand, heavily backed by a national television campaign.

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