Waitrose To Launch New Premium-Line Stores

Waitrose, the UK’s upmarket grocery retailer, is set to unveil their first premium fresh food supermarket in a bid to take on American rival Whole Foods Market.
The first of 183 new premium stores will open for business in Marylebone High Street, Central London, in two weeks time.
The upmarket Waitrose stores will have a new store design and a wider product range. New features will include a ‘Time of Day’ counter serving healthy meal options.
Mark Price, the company’s managing director, commented: “We feel our customers are willing to pay more for better food, so we are introducing additional premium lines.”
“By offering better quality in our fresh food ranges we will be able to take customers from all our competitors .”
The posh supermarket chain, part of the John Lewis brand, is keen not to be outsmarted by its US competitor, which opened its first UK store in Kensington, West London, last week.
Since it’s opening the eco-supermarket has remained extremely busy with curious customers.
Whole Foods Market has aggressive plans to open 40 similar stores in cities across Britain .
The firm’s success has been built on the fact shoppers are prepared to pay high prices for natural, local food, which they believe, is healthier.
However, the company is cheaper than Marks &Spencer and Waitrose on a significant number of fruit and vegetables and shrewd customers can find quality produce at attractive prices.
According to Mr Price, Waitrose remains committed to branded grocery, where it hopes to be more competitive than UK rivals, such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

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