Tesco Offers Bag-Free Delivery For Online Shoppers

British supermarket giant Tesco is to provide its shoppers the option of a bag-free delivery in a bid to become more environmentally friendly .
Tesco.com, the internet arm of the retailer, hailed the move as a UK first for supermarkets as it responds to customers’ concerns about the number of bags used in its home delivery system.
Tesco is the latest retailer to join the campaign against throwaway bags, which are seen as bad for the environment and wasteful of energy .
Rival supermarket groups Asda, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose have all recently introduced their own eco friendly ‘bag-less’ initiatives, which proved to be a success .
Tesco customers will now have the choice of having their groceries delivered in stackable plastic trays, which the driver then takes away, after placing an order online .
The company said the new scheme was just one of a many initiatives that are being put into place with the aim of reducing the amount of bags it hands out by one billion during the next 12 months.
Laura Wade-Gery, Head of Tesco.com, commented: “Delivery without bags is both a win for our customers and the environment . The initiative is part of the Tesco Community Plan to minimise our impact on the environment and empowers our customers to make a positive environmental choice.”
“Following extensive trials in the UK and positive customer feedback we have made the decision to roll out the scheme across the whole of the UK .”
Extra loyalty points will be awarded to online customers who choose for the so-called ‘naked deliveries’.

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