New Receipt Printers At Sainsburys To Help Save Paper

UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has become the first European retailer to install new double-sided receipt printers on its supermarket till-points.
The retailer’s decision follows a successful trial of 25 double-sided receipt printers in its Maidenhead store, Berkshire . Sainsbury’s announced it now plans to install the machines throughout all its new supermarkets.
The printer uses paper with a double-sided coating that reacts to the heat of the print heads to create an image, and prints simultaneously on both sides of the receipt.
According to manufacturers NCR (retail technology solutions provider), the new devices reduce checkout queuing times thanks to their faster printing rates, and the less frequent changing of the rolls.
The paper is produced from sustainable managed sources, originating from wood plantations or regulated forest, arboreal debris, and recycled saw mill waste .
The new double-sided receipt printers will help the supermarket group to reduce its receipt paper output by half, and save around 295 million feet of receipt paper each year.
Reducing the amount of paper used is not the only potential environmental benefit, as reductions can also be made in electricity, water and fuel .
Sarah Trowbridge, Sainsbury’s head of customer services, commented: “This is a great example of how we’re taking the initiative in making a really positive difference to the environment .”
“The smaller bills unfortunately don’t equate to cheaper bills, but they have been really well received by our customers who, like us, are passionate about working towards a greener future,” she added.

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