Morrisons Withdraws Salads After Salmonella Scare

Supermarket group Morrisons has recalled four of its own-brand, pre-packed salads due to a salmonella scare.
Routine testing by a supplier found that the salads might contain salmonella, which can pose a threat of food poisoning .
The Food Standards Agency said in a statement: “Morrisons has recalled four of its own brand pre-packed salads because salmonella has been found during routine testing .”
The recalled products with a use-by date of June 14 are Morrisons bistro style salad twin pack (two bags at 110g) and Morrisons bistro style salad (185g).
Morrisons’ cheddar tomato and egg layered salad plus its layered garden salad, bought on or before June 12, are also being recalled.
The supermarket chain has removed affected products from shop shelves and displayed notices throughout all of its stores .
The notice informs shoppers why the products have been recalled and the actions they should take if they have already purchased any of the affected products .
It is the second time in less than two months that the grocery retailer has pulled salad due to contamination being revealed by routine tests .
On April 27 the company had to recall bags of its 280g own-brand mixed leafy salad with red chard, priced at £1.49, due to a salmonella scare.

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