Asda Retains Cheapest Supermarket Title

Asda has held on to its position as the UK’s cheapest supermarket for the tenth consecutive year.
The British supermarket chain had the lowest average price for a basket of shopping, according to an annual survey by trade magazine, The Grocer, which compares the cost of 33 common groceries from Britain’s major food-retailers.
Asda, which has a 16.7 per cent share of the market through its 336 stores, provided the cheapest groceries for 32 of the 50 weeks covered by the 2006-07 survey . The average price for a basket of shopping at Asda came to £45.23, 75p cheaper then Tesco’s basket price of £45.98.
“Low prices are part of our DNA – winning the Grocer award for over a decade proves it,” commented an Asda spokesman.
Morrisons was crowned best for customer service, while its prices were third lowest at an average of £46.48 a basket, followed by Sainsbury’s (£46.53), Somerfield (52.21) and lastly Waitrose – the most expensive at £53.16 per average basket of groceries.
The survey excluded food from Marks and Spencer because it does not sell branded products .
Richard Clarke, news editor of The Grocer, said: “Offering low prices is an important tool to have but it’s not the be all and end all. People are looking for quality and service is important too.”
“The rise in organic, Fairtrade and premium lines, illustrate that price isn’t everything.”
At the start of the year Tesco cut prices on 600 key products by a total of £80 million, highlighting the company’s importance placed on becoming the cheapest supermarket in the UK .

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