Pak Supermarkets To Open New Megastore

Birmingham is set to play host to the UK’s largest ethnic supermarket, which is due to open in the city next month.
The new Pak Supermarkets megastore, an 80,000sq ft store based in Washwood Heath, Birmingham, plans to capitalise on the growing ethnic and speciality food market.
The former bus depot will stock a complete range of Asian foods, along with established brands and include butchers, bakers, fish mongers, a restaurant and parking facilities.
The new £7 million supermarket hopes to attract ethnic minority customers to buy traditional ingredients they can use to cook at home .
Mohammed Nazir, development director of the megastore, commented: “The mainstream supermarkets have been too slow to cater for Asian and African customers and mainly aim specialist foods at the non-ethnic minority consumer .”
Nisa-Today’s central distribution will supply the store with a range of ‘westernised’ foods .
Pak Supermarkets was founded in 1978 in Birmingham as a local convenience store but has since expanded to cater for the growing number of ethnic communities . There are currently 4 stores located within the city .

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