New Home Delivery Supermarket Site Launched

A new home delivery website has been launched that promises to help consumers save money by ordering online for home delivery . allows shoppers to browse online through the UK’s largest supermarkets, including Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda, offering the same services that the supermarkets’ independent sites provide.
The supermarket website enables the user to choose where they want to shop and select items from ‘aisles’ (divided into sections as similar to a real supermarket) that are displayed on tabs across the top of the page.
Most of the items on the site are accompanied by a reasonable sized image, which is good news for online shoppers who have been annoyed in the past at the lack of images for particular items on other supermarket sites, such as Tesco’s home shopping site. The images can be listed according to type or brand name.
The system conducts instant price comparisons on the user’s shopping basket with the other supermarkets and can list all the potential savings that can be made if certain items are substituted with cheaper alternatives.
Other great pros of the site include highlighted special offer items and it allows the user to go through the list of potential savings and choose the ones they want.
Usefully, also shows the potential savings to be made if the same shopping items are bought at other stores with the same substitutions made as well.

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