Asda To Miss Out On Final Harry Potter Book

Asda has been hit with a ban on selling the new and final Harry Potter book following a row over pricing between the supermarket chain and the book’s publisher .
Bloomsbury cancelled an order to supply 500,000 copies of the book to Asda supermarkets across the UK, because it claimed it had not received bill payments from Asda on other books, which it had been supplied to the chain.
But Asda responded by claiming the publisher was unhappy that it had criticised the book’s price tag of £17.99 and accused Bloomsbury of “attempting to hold children to ransom”.
Asda had wanted to sell the final installment JK Rowling’s magical story – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – for as little as £8.87 or even £7.99.
The two companies are set for last-ditch talks although Bloomsbury has vowed it will not be backing down over its supply cancellation.
Thousands of Asda customers who pre-ordered their copies from the supermarket group could now miss out the book when it finally goes on sale from midnight on Friday.
Speaking on BBC Radio, Asda spokesman Ed Watson, said the chain was not aware that the deal had been cancelled, and stated that the chain’s criticisms of Bloomsbury’s pricing policy was the main factor behind the decision.
“It just seems funny that after we expose the potty Potter price hike, Bloomsbury are trying everything they can to stop kids getting hold of Harry Potter at a price they can afford,” Watson added.
An Asda statement revealed how the first in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, had an RRP of £11.99 in 1997, while the sixth book, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, had a similar RRP of £16.99 in 2005.
Bloomsbury marketing director Minna Fry said the order had been cancelled due to cash settlement issues, but acknowledged the firm had been annoyed by Asda’s comments.
“Asda have had a problem with our pricing of Harry Potter for a while now, and they sent out a very aggressive press release saying that we were ripping off children,” she added.
“We think at 608 pages, £17.99 is extremely good value .”

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