Morrisons Gets A New Healthy Start

After years of criticism for selling unhealthy foods, UK supermarket Morrisons is changing its ways by making healthy eating its New Year resolution.
The ‘Eating Smarter’ campaign is the new range of food products being launched by Morrisons across all its UK stores to help encourage shoppers to make healthier choices.
Only a few weeks ago the National Consumer Council (NCC) announced that the Bradford based retailer was rated the least-healthy supermarket in the country and said it needed to take serious steps to offer its customers more healthy options.
The supermarket was also lambasted by the NCC for the high levels of salt and fat in its economy range.
The new Eat Smart campaign will see Morrisons offering over 200 new healthy products to its customers. Shoppers will be steered towards less fattening foods by signs posted throughout the stores.
Marketing director at Morrisons, Michael Bates said, “We all want to eat smarter but do not always have the time or knowledge to achieve our goals.”
“Morrisons healthier eating campaign has been developed to inform and inspire our customers to help them shop for a balanced diet . The ‘Eat Smart five a day’ labelled products are easily recognisable as healthier, convenient options within stores, helping our customers to make informed choices about the foods they buy and eat,” he added.
‘Let’s Eat Smart’ is the title of the new magazine that will be distributed for free across stores nationwide, which will provide customers with 92 pages of healthy food ideas, recipes, hints and tips.
A website,, has also been set up to allow customers to access the information 24/7.
In addition Morrisons will label all new products with guideline daily amount information, explaining how each food and ingredient contributes towards people’s daily nutritional requirements.

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