Tesco Construction Work Causes Protest

The BBC filmed angry residents yesterday who were protesting over safety concerns at the Tesco construction site in Gerrards Cross.
Around 50 people gathered yesterday brandishing placards and banners at the construction site, on Packhorse Road, to protest and complain about how there are still no developments concerning the continuation of the building work .
The work originally began at Tesco in 2005 after the tunnel running under the site collapsed, narrowly missing a train.
Local estate agent, Trevor Kent, said, “They’ve broken Gerrards Cross both physically and mentally.”
“We felt that it was time to bring the matter back into the public eye, and to Tesco . We thought it was
an appropriate day for a protest in light of the St Valentines Day massacre, what with the 300 people who could have been killed in the tunnel collapse. And we’ve had no explanations,” he added.
There were also concerns raised over dusty materials used for landfill on the site.
Mr Kent said, “They used incinerator bottom ash, created from the burning of rubbish . This is conjecture on my part, but there is a suggestion this is carcinogenic.”
Michael Kissman, Tesco corporate affairs manager responded by saying, “All materials, including the incinerator bottom ash, used in the construction of the tunnel were signed off as safe by the environment agency .”
Mr Kissman told reporters that after examination by the Planning Inspectorate and the Deputy Prime Minister the site was given planning permission.
However in June 2005 the tunnel partially collapsed, which caused significant inconvenience to those who work, live, or travel in the area.
“We have now received a full review of the project from new contractors, Costain, and new structural engineers, Scott Wilson. We are carefully reviewing their recommendations with Network Rail. We have not yet made a decision whether to proceed with construction,” he concluded.

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