Open University to accept Tesco Clubcard points

UK supermarket giants Tesco has introduced a scheme, which will allow students to be able to pay towards their university fees using points on Tesco Clubcards.
The Open University has teamed up with the leading supermarket to offer money off its undergraduate tuition fees in exchange for loyalty card vouchers . For every £10 worth of Clubcard vouchers, students will receive £40 towards the cost of their chosen university course .
University costs are currently setting students back around £4000 for an undergraduate course, a figure which is just for tuition fees, and in order to meet this amount through the loyalty points shoppers will have to fork out a total of £100,000 in Tesco stores and petrol stations.
Professor Brenda Gourley, the Open University’s vice-chancellor said the partnership was true to its principles of open access.

“The partnership allows the university to extend our reach to new students … we aim to make access to the university’s programmes as flexible as possible,” she said.
Nick McCormack, head of partnerships at Tesco Freetime, told reporters that the program provides an opportunity for the customers to use Tesco vouchers for higher education .
The Open University was founded in the 1960s, and is the UK’s largest university, teaching 35 per cent of all part-time undergraduate students each year.
Around 150,000 undergraduates are enrolled with the education provider, and 70 per cent are in full-time employment . There are no qualification requirements to study at the University, and 33 per cent of undergraduates begin courses with fewer than two A levels .

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