Waitrose Salmon Recalled Over Listeria Scare

Supermarket chain Waitrose has recalled two of its own brand Scottish salmon products following the detection of Listeria during production-line tests .

The up-market retailer has responded quickly by clearing its shelves of the products and has suspended all shipments from the supplier Macrae who say a “thorough investigation” has been launched.
Shoppers have been warned not to eat either the Waitrose Poached Salmon Terrine (100g) or the Waitrose Smoked Salmon Parcel (115g) – the two affected products.
Packets with date codes up to and including August 28 2007 are being recalled with full refunds on offer at stores nationwide .
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) warned that anyone eating the products was at risk.
The UK food watchdog added that Listeria monocytogenes usually causes illness in vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, babies, the elderly and people with reduced immunity and is often severe and life-threatening.
Around 5 per cent of the population carry the disease without becoming ill, while symptoms – which can take 90 days to develop – include headaches, fever, muscle pain and chills.
The bug is usually found in ready meals, soft cheese, pate, cold meats, prepared sandwiches and smoked fish .
The FSA and the Health Protection Agency are currently investigating why the bug, which kills a quarter of its victims, appears to be becoming more common.
Waitrose has apologised for any inconvenience caused and added that, as a precautionary measure, it has temporarily suspended the production of a number of other products made by the same supplier .

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